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Posted in Global Family / Maple Bear Central & Eastern Europe on Friday, April 21st, 2023

With regards to the upcoming Earth Day demonstrating support for environmental protection and awareness, we are happy to announce that we have the first two countries in Central & Eastern Europe incorporating our Global Connections for Sustainability Program! The program, which creates forward thinking citizens and a global family, provided the students from Maple Bear Sofia Vitosha Kindergarten and Maple Bear Kyiv with the wonderful opportunity to introduce themselves and get to know each other during a three-weeks-long educational collaboration.


The unique program created by the academic team of Maple Bear Global Schools provided children from Bulgaria and Ukraine with the opportunity to participate and collaborate in a truly interesting initiative on projects relating to rainforests and environment. Over the course of three weeks, students were able to collaborate on projects and activities concerning the significance of rainforests and the threats they are exposed to. Throughout the program, they learnt about the relationship between living things alongside with discussions about the effects of deforestation and active practice of social and ecological responsibility through intercultural dialogue. Moreover, in practice, the process facilitates collaboration and dialogue among students, but also between students and their teachers.


The Maple Bear program, which seeks to connect students around the world and facilitate exploration and collaboration, provided the students from Sofia and Kyiv with the wonderful opportunity to make new friends, share their discoveries and achievements through a nature journal exchange. The stimulating and enriching essence of the program ensured that everyone enjoyed the process and left the classroom with abundance of positive emotions and newly acquired knowledge! The unforgettable educational experience highlights the power of education and its ability to unite us globally in our efforts to create a more sustainable world.


‘’The pupils had the opportunity to meet, introduce themselves, present their projects and explain a bit more about each one of them! They were really excited to meet peers from a different country and show what they learned! We are extremely proud of them, and we hope they tell you about the project at home!’’

Veronika Glozheva, Teacher at Maple Bear Kindergarten Sofia

About Global Connections for Sustainability

Our program Global Connections for Sustainability provides meaningful understanding of our environment and of other countries, nurturing a truly a global worldview. Through the Global Connections for Sustainability Program, Maple Bear seeks to connect students virtually around the world and facilitate exploration, discussion and collaboration centered around the 17 United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are the basis of students’ exploration. The goals are particularly aimed at achieving peace and prosperity worldwide by addressing key global issues like climate change, quality education and poverty.  Together, our students and teachers analyze Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) topics and unearth the critical issues around a specific goal as it relates to their country. Action research is an important step in this one-of-a-kind program, as students make decisions about actions, they can take to improve the specific goal in their area.

Throughout the program, students not only cultivate their collaborative skills, but also their social justice and advocacy skills. The satisfaction of improving one’s own home and having the power to do so is inspiring and nurtures a sense of eagerness to learn and to be empowered to make a change.

The 17 goals identified by the UN are:

    1. No Poverty
    2. Zero Hunger
    3. Good Health and Well-Being
    4. Quality Education
    5. Gender Equality
    6. Clean Water and Sanitation
    7. Affordable and Clean Energy
    8. Decent Work and Economic Growth
    9. Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure
    10. Reduced Inequalities
    11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
    12. Responsible Consumption and Production
    13. Climate Action
    14. Life Below Water
    15. Life On Land
    16. Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions
    17. Partnerships


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