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About Maple bear

Maple Bear is the largest and the fastest growing educational network in the world.

Maple Bear schools offer full Canadian bilingual teaching methodologies & strategies utilizing Canadian and local curriculum.

There are currently more than 450 operational Maple Bear Early Childhood, Elementary and High Schools in the world, and 180 schools in implementation.

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Maple Bear schools are an excellent investment based on a proven business model. The Maple Bear brand represents the highest quality in international education, recognized as a top education franchise.

Maple Bear brings the best of Canadian bilingual education to the world by offering high quality education to prepare students to succeed in life. We operate in conformity with local education regulations and strive to meet the expectations of all our parents no matter the culture or the country.


Educational Excellence Passion for Learning Multiculturalism and respect towards differences.


The Maple Bear mission is to deliver a student-focused learning system in a safe, secure and stimulating environment that prepares students for success at the postsecondary level and that instills a passion for life-long learning.


The Maple Bear vision is to provide a high-quality preschool, elementary and high school education based on the Canadian philosophy and best practices that meet the expectations of parents and local education authorities.

Maple Bear Premium Brand


Canada Educational Superpower

Canadian education consistently ranks amongst the best in the world.



Language Immersion is the most efficient method create bilingual learners.


not International

Our students
are local citizens
with a global mindset.


Program, Training and Quality Assurance

Providing continuous school growth and improvement of school teams.


Global Educational Network

Enabling global academic and operational best practices and sharing experience.

Pillar 1: Canada Educational Superpower

Canadian education consistently ranks amongst the best in the world. Canada is also the highest-ranking English-speaking country in the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) which evaluates educational systems by measuring 15-year-old school pupils’ scholastic performance in math, science and reading. PISA answers two crucial questions: What is important for citizens to know and be able to do? How do they apply what they have learned into real life problems and lifelong learnings ? C

Pillar 2: Bilingual Education

Language Immersion is considered the most efficient program to create bilingual learners. Canada is a specialist in delivering immersion education being by DNA bilingual country. The Official Languages Act was accepted back in 1969, turning Canada into a bilingual country. Following the Canadian teaching at the preschool level, Maple Bear delivers a studentfocussed English immersion learning system based on Canadian educational pedagogy and best practices. At the elementary, middle and high school levels we deliver a bilingual program.

Pillar 3: Unique positioning: Hybrid not international

Maple Bear schools are registered as local schools conforming to the local education regulations, offering fully articulated local curricula in addition to the Canadian program and Canadian teaching methodologies. Our students are local citizens will a global mindset. They are prepared and capable of moving easily between the Canadian system offered by Maple Bear and their own country’s system and can do so at any time during the K-12 years.

Pillar 4: Program, Training and Quality Assurance

Intensive training programs for teachers and coordinators. Each Maple Bear school undergoes an annual quality assurance visit once per year. A Canadian educational specialist evaluates the academics and operations

Pillar 5: Global Educational Network

Global symbol of quality: Maple Bear is a symbol of the quality Canadian bilingual education which ensures its leading position once arriving in new markets and countries. Brand perception: The Maple Bear brand is perceived as a top premium global brand around the world. International network: Maple Bear is providing great opportunities for the teachers, students, and schools owners to share experience by attending annual events.

Maple Bear Franchise

Maple Bear is on a global development, pioneering an internationally acclaimed educational model that stands unrivaled. As the sole franchise offering top K-12 education worldwide, from preschool level to high school, Maple Bear has embarked on a transformative journey. This initiative has empowered individuals, regardless of prior educational experience, to establish their own schools, ensuring a profound and exponential impact on countless families worldwide. Today, Maple Bear is the largest educational network globally.

What our franchisees get when they join the Maple Bear family:


Powerful and globally recognized brand.


Access to a detailed turnkey curriculum.


Detailed guides and how-to in all areas of school operations.


Canadian experts train and coach your Academic team.

Marketing & Enrollment

Strategies, process and content.

Regular Support

Year-round Canadian educational support.

Quality Visits

Annual Quality Assurance visits to ensure high school performance.

Digital Tools

Access to our proprietary platform to keep you up-to-date.

Business Plan

Business plans and financial model.

Implementation Support

Expert and committed team supporting the school team.

Learn More About School Ownership

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Financial consideration

Our ownership arrangements differ across our vast international network. Some of our owners operate multiple schools or have the rights to develop Maple Bear schools across several countries while others are single school owners and operators.

Given the varied arrangements the financial considerations for a Maple Bear school owner range widely. At a minimum, the financial investment considers the following:


The initial Franchise Fee covers the services our team provides related to implementation and project planning, real estate selection, purchasing support, training and opening support. This fee is dependent on the country and expansion agreement.


Our agreements include an ongoing payment based on a percentage of student fees collected. Royalties cover our continuous assistance including training, operations, marketing, supplier relations and periodic evaluations of the schools and operating systems. A Marketing Development Fund will be applied once there are several schools in a given country.


The costs of starting a Maple Bear school may include the buildout of a new school or the conversion of an existing space. There are also the furnishings as well as the academic and play resources to consider.

Success stories


Maple Bear Polska is managed by a private equity fund partnering with local business investors to bring the best of Canadian education to Poland.

Maple Bear Polska has 3 operational schools in 2024 and 35 coming soon.

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Maple Bear has 60% of the Private bilingual schools' market share with schools in 83 cities.

Maple Bear

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10 years in Singapore and 56 Maple Bear schools.

In 2017, 2018, 2019 Maple Bear is awarded with "Best in Preschool Bilingual Literacy Award".

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Maple Bear Elementary school in Sofia, Bulgaria opened in 2019 when COVID pandemic was closing down everything.

The school reached full capacity 13 months after opening. A second school opened in 2023.

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