Maple Bear Central & Eastern Europe

The first Maple Bear school in Poland welcomed parents and children to the Open House event in May.

Education plays a pivotal role in shaping the minds of future generations and equipping them with the necessary skill for success. In an exciting development for the city of Katowice, Maple Bear, the largest Canadian bilingual educational network globally, has opened its first kindergarten and school in Poland. This milestone has been met with enthusiasm, as Maple Bear brings its unique features and opportunities to the educational landscape of Katowice.
Maple Bear’s Open House Event days in Katowice have been nothing short of extraordinary. This event served as a captivating introduction to the school’s educational offerings and was met with overwhelming success. Parents and children had the privilege of exploring the state-of-the-art facilities, engaging with dedicated teaching staff, and gaining valuable insights into Maple Bear’s bilingual curriculum and teaching methods during the presentation from the local Polish team, members from Maple Bear Central and Eastern Europe and the Canadian Academic Director.
Maple Bear’s inaugural school in Poland is set to commence classes from Nursery level to Grade 3 in Katowice, starting September 2023. Situated on the charming central Stawowa street, the campus is housed within a splendid historic brick façade building that mirrors the city’s vibrant culture and architecture. The building, originally established as a school in 1871, showcases the harmonious blend of century-old educational traditions and Canadian teaching methodologies within a bilingual environment. Moreover, the school boasts exceptional facilities, including a spacious yard and a fully equipped gymnasium, ensuring it is well-equipped for all age ranges. The facility features spacious, safe and stimulating classrooms, rich of educational materials, a big modern gym for various activities and a play yard with sport and young kids playgrounds.
The highly anticipated event drew journalists from both local and national media outlets, eager to capture the unfolding moments. The stage was set as Yann Bidan, General Manager of Maple Bear CEE, took to the podium to deliver an inaugural speech, followed by Grzegorz Esz, the General Manager of Maple Bear Polska, Irena Korbabicz-Putko, the Academic Director of Maple Bear CEE and Dominik Linowski, Academic Director of Maple Bear Polska, adding their insights and expertise.

At Maple Bear, our dedicated and passionate teachers are the heart and soul of our educational community. With their unwavering commitment to excellence, they bring learning to life, inspiring young minds to reach their fullest potential. Led by the Academic team of the schools, the academic panel with parents was enriched by the teachers and very experienced Academic coordinator of Maple Bear Katowice.

Maple Bear values the pivotal role parents play in their child’s education. Through open communication and active involvement, we foster a powerful partnership between home and school. Regular parent-teacher meetings and the use of our innovative online platform, provide a space for parents follow their children education and the daily activities.

Maple Bear will open 40 schools in Poland, including Wroclaw, Krakow, Poznan, Gdansk and Warsaw,  as well as in many more cities to join the network soon enabling great opportunities for interschools events and exchange of best practices across the network.

Enrolment is now open at: https://maplebear.pl/rekrutacja-katowice/
Website: www.maplebear.pl