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Six reasons Maple Bear uniforms make sense

Posted in Parents on Tuesday, March 10th, 2020

  1. BELONGING: Uniforms increase the sense of belonging to a community and help to develop school spirit and pride.
  2. EQUALITY: Wearing uniforms is a way to mitigate the visibility of the economic, social or cultural differences between students, and they are more cost-effective for families.
  3. DAILY ROUTINE: Uniforms make it easier for the parents and children in their daily routine. The Maple Bear uniforms are made with high quality cotton materials and child-safe textiles. Quality control is conducted through on-going certification and on-site audits.
  4. SAFETY: Uniforms increase student visibility to help ensure safety of children during day trips or activities outside the centre. Uniforms also make it much easier to identify individuals who might not belong on school grounds. At Maple Bear centres, safety is the number one priority.
  5. FOCUS: Uniforms stimulate the daily focus of children at the Maple Bear education center and allow creativity to come from educational choices, not consumerism.
  6. EDUCATION ROUTINE: Uniforms simplify the daily routine for children by making the mental transition from their home to kindergarten/ school easier.
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