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Our Academic Affiliation with the University of Winnipeg Sets Us Apart

Posted in Maple Bear Global / Trainers & Teachers on Wednesday, December 12th, 2018

Our academic affiliation with the University of Winnipeg sets us apart from any other international education brands around the world. It not only provides us with direct access to top education experts in the country, it elevates the quality of our teacher training initiatives and our classroom curriculum.

The University of Winnipeg (U of W), a prestigious Canadian post-secondary institution with a strong and cutting-edge education department, is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The University’s Department of Education and Maple Bear Global Schools have been in academic cooperation since 2014.

The First Collaboration with Maple Bear Brazil

In 2014, Maple Bear Global Schools Director and Co-Founder, Gerald McLeod, approached the Dean of the Faculty of Education, Dr. Ken McCluskey, with a proposal. Would the University of Winnipeg be interested in bringing their Post Baccalaureate Diploma in Education (PBDE) to our Maple Bear teachers in Brazil?

The answer was yes and a customized version of the University of Winnipeg PBDE program was developed for Maple Bear Brazil teachers. This was our first venture working jointly with the U of W Education faculty.

Our VP Academic, Lenna Glade, who was in charge of international teacher training in the U of W Education department, was instrumental in putting the program together. Collaborating with the Maple Bear staff in Brazil, the program was tailored to meet the needs of the Brazilian teachers. The U of W Satellite Teacher Education Program consists of 10 courses at 30 credit hours each and is offered in various schools throughout Brazil. Since the program began, more than 100 Maple Bear teachers have graduated with their Post-Bacc Diploma through the program. And the teachers can also further their education by pursuing a Master’s degree either in Brazil or in Canada.

“Our affiliation with the University of Winnipeg is a great official window for Maple Bear Global Schools into the Canadian education system. It enhances our ability to offer more training to our teachers worldwide. It also allows us more access to current research, advice, and formal programs for our trainers and teachers,” says Gerald.

Additional Opportunities Present Themselves

The opportunities that this affiliation provides are valuable and has fostered new ideas and collaborations.

For example, several U of W leaders and professors have presented at Maple Bear school owner and teacher conventions in Brazil. Two members of the Faculty of Education are contributing members to the Maple Bear Global Schools Committee for Future Academic Planning. Their time, knowledge and resources are key to helping us stay up-to-date with academic best practices and trends.

Maple Bear Global Schools is also looking at other ways to build on this relationship. A centre for educational excellence at the University of Winnipeg is being discussed as well as offering first year undergraduate courses to deserving Maple Bear high school students in Brazil.

A Close-Knit Family

“Maple Bear Global Schools is in a close family-type relationship with the University of Winnipeg. The University of Winnipeg Education faculty is innovative and creative. They are wonderful to work with and a good fit for Maple Bear,” Gerald expressed.

With affiliations such as this one, Maple Bear has an advantage over many other international educational brands. We stay on top of the latest trends and current research developments in the education sector. We also have instant access to the top education experts in Canada.

The Feedback Has Been Positive

Lenna has received lots of positive feedback: “The program has been highly regarded. We have heard responses that indicate that it has created a deeper understanding and better instruction in the schools.”

Students, parents, teachers and school owners all benefit from the extensive training and educational expertise in the Maple Bear system that this partnership provides. Not only that, it is a key factor to our success as it supports our vision in providing high-quality education.

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