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Maple Bear Sofia


Private Elementary School Maple Bear Sofia offers a preschool and elementary education in a program utilizing the best of the Canadian teaching methods and strategies, which is based on the Bulgarian and Canadian curricula.The school welcomes all children who would love to develop their academic and personal potential in terms of trust, responsibility, and holistic learning.

For the school year 2021-2022 the school will enroll children in the following grades:
Preparatory class 6 years old
First grade
Second grade
Third grade

For admission and more information, please fill in the Pre-registration Form and a member of our team will call you at the specified coordinates


Pre-enrollment form at Maple Bear Sofia Private Primary School (with preparatory class)

Would you like to know more about us?

If you would like to learn more about our school, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone: 0899 82 04 66 or e-mail:


Investing in your child’s education is an investment in his future, and we take very seriously the responsibility for this journey.
When you decide to invest in Maple Bear Canadian education, you take the decision  to offer your child a dynamic academic environment which stimulates children to search, challenge and inspire learning. Last but not least, invaluable international experience, thanks to which children will have the opportunity to be part of the community of Maple Bear schools around the world.


The tuition fee covers the Maple Bear curriculum, developed in accordance with Canadian best practices and methodology for preschool age through full immersion in an English-speaking environment; teaching in Bulgarian according to the Bulgarian educational requirements through the use of Canadian practices and learning strategies; theater, dance, yoga and music classes; visits within the city of Sofia.

For the academic year 2021-2022 the annual tuition fee is: 4900 – 5500 euros depending on the method of payment


The elementary school tuition fee covers all activities of the compulsory curriculum in Bulgarian using the best Canadian practices and methodology, teaching English in the Canadian Maple Bear program by immersion in the language, one of the additional modules supplementing the compulsory program of the child’s choice.


For the academic year 2021-2022 the annual tuition fee is: 4900 – 5500 euros depending on the method of payment


The Learning resources fee is paid once per school year.

The Maple Bear classroom is rich in literature and materials that children use in math, science, arts, and language classrooms. The fee also covers all notebooks, folders and aids needed in the process of educating children from preparatory classes and primary school.

What are the resources we use?
Literary Books – The subject English Language Arts works not only in the direction of acquiring vocabulary, but also develops children’s skills to work with information, to express themselves, to think logically and to be able to make textual connections and analyzes. Literature books are defined according to the training modules – each module of the Maple Bear program is related to a set of books that we supply from Canada. The books are tailored to the children’s age, interests and level. All books will be available for the children in the school library after passing the module of the curriculum in which they are used.

For example, 250 books are included in the preparatory class program alone, according to the learning modules that children will be introduced to and have the opportunity to browse at this level.

Assisted Reading Materials and Resources – The Canadian company that provides books for reading and analysis has a 100-year history in educating children and developing their desire to read books.

The books are divided into levels. During the school year, children will go through all levels. The children read books that are specifically aimed at their level in English and Bulgarian, and each book builds on knowledge, new words and terms. During the Assisted Reading, the texts in different educational forms are discussed. The aim is, in addition to achieving the skill of reading, to develop the skills of thinking about a topic, asking questions, expressing opinions and opinions and the ability to learn throughout life.

Textbooks and teaching materials – Pearson Canada
Maple Bear works with Pearson Canadian Publishing in Mathematics, Science, Art and English.
The subject Science is based on research and interactive examples, projects and interdisciplinary examples.

Materials: Science, art and mathematics
All materials used by the school are specifically designed for the Maple Bear program. Each subject, board, material in the classroom has its own purpose and is included in the process of acquiring certain knowledge. The set of play resources, materials, resources for applied arts is intertwined interdisciplinary and is in sync with all the activities that children will have during the school year.
For the academic year 2021-2022 the fee for educational resources is: 350 euros


Maple Bear School offers lunch and afternoon snacks. The choice of menu can be made between standard or bio menu. Meals can be paid once at the beginning of the school year or in ten equal installments at the beginning of each month from September to June.


Uniforms are a compulsory part of school life in Maple Bear schools.
Please find the catalogue with the uniforms HERE. The school will provide you more details about the uniform sets and how you can order the items.


Maple Bear School offers transportation from a licensed child transport company. The transportation service is paid additionally in 1 or 10 installments at the choice of the parents.


*Pictures from the Gallery are from Maple Bear centers from around the world. Pictures from Maple Bear Sofia coming soon.


Visit the classroom of a Maple Bear school.

*The video is presenting the Maple Bear methodology and program in a standard Maple Bear kindergarten classroom. The setup of the classroom in your center may differ in some details from what you see in the video.


Admissions Enquiry for Private school (with preparatory group) Maple Bear Sofia



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