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Maple Bear Sofia Vitosha


Private Maple Bear Sofia Vitosha offers preschool education for children from nursery to preschool group (from 1 year – 7 years of age). Studying at Maple Bear is a knowledge journey.

At Maple Bear Sofia Vitosha will be actively involved in the creation of individual potential and talent of children. At the same time, we will be supporting them in the belief that connecting and communicating with others, is a strength and a wealth.

Maple Bear brings the best of the Canadian education, featuring English language immersion, innovation, care and a thorough approach to education and research of successful approaches to the child’s personality – a person who we believe tomorrow will be a happy, successful, thinking, feeling, responsible and free, a Great person!

Maple Bear Sofia Vitosha was created with the belief that children are very special and deserve more than the best! They will participate in extremely interesting, constructive, and very close to their natural perception educational which will help them in their perception of how much they can, how much they know and how easy and important it is to feel confident.

At Maple Bear Sofia Vitosha we will develop the human skills, qualities, and uniqueness of each child, which cannot be replaced in the future by the computer: curiousity, analytical, confidence, independance, adaptivity, creativity, global thinking.

The team of Maple Bear Sofia Vitosha welcomes all young students in the multitude of missions – “from planting a flower to launching a spaceship”, because children can do anything and deserve to know it. We want children to believe and feel that they are building their own springboard to make dreams come true!


Pre-enrollment form at Maple Bear Sofia Vitosha

Would you like to know more about us?

If you would like to learn more about our kindergarten, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone: 0889 635 547 or e-mail: info@sofia.maplebear-cee.com


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*Pictures from the Gallery are from Maple Bear centers from around the world. Pictures from Maple Bear Sofia coming soon.


Visit the classroom of a Maple Bear school.

*The video is presenting the Maple Bear methodology and program in a standard Maple Bear kindergarten classroom. The setup of the classroom in your center may differ in some details from what you see in the video.

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