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Solicitare de inscriere Gradinita Privata Maple Bear Cluj

Acest formular serveste colectarii informatiilor preliminare si nu va obliga sa incheiati procesul de inscriere. Datele personale pe care le veti furniza vor fi tratate in conformitate cu directivele europene pentru prelucrarea datelor cu caracter personal (EC2016/679).

The current form is for preliminary information and is not binding you with mandatory enrolment. The personal data you will provide will be handled according to the European Directives for personal data (EC2016/679).

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  • Informatii despre copil/ Child details

  • Informatii despre Parinte/ Tutore legal/ Information about the Parent/ Guardian:



Va multumim pentru furnizarea informatiilor dumneavoastra! Vom reveni curand cu detalii suplimentare.

Thank you for the information. Will get in touch with you soon with additional details